Looking for DC Honey?

DC honey is precious, hard to get, and worth it! Accept no substitutes! 

Honey from our members is generally available only between June and October, and is usually sold in 1 pound jars or less. The DC Beekeepeers Alliance does not sell honey and offers referrals and links as a service.

The average DC beekeeper harvests 30 pounds per hive, and only after a full year, so they limit what they share, or may ask (and deserve) a premium! You can request some by filling out the form below. We will then circulate your request among members with honey to sell.

Most DC honey is harvested in the summer. In addition, most of us keep only one or two hives, and honey goes to friends and family. There are, however, a handful of businesses that offer DC honey, and some turns up at local farmers markets. 

Finally, while DC honey is best (trust us) there are wonderful beekeepers in Maryland and Northern Virginia who also produce high quality, local honey, and you can check out our links section to get in touch with them.

Several nearby groups and stores stock local honey produced by local beekeepers. Call or email first to check on stock:

Our advice: first ask among your acquaintances whether they know any DC beekeepers, and request some directly from a person: it's a great connection to community and bees.

Honey Request Form: 

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