Oxalic Acid Vaporization for Varroa Mite Control

Oxalic Vaporization for Honey Bee Colonies Within DC 

no additional visits will be scheduled until December 2020

The DC Beekeepers Alliance offers a member service to help reduce local colony losses through the use of oxalic acid vaporization during the winter broodless period. You may sign up to request a visit here: we will contact you later to confirm and schedule.

Please note: we are only able to offer this service within the District of Columbia. Oxalic acid vaporization is only effrective during winter broodless periods (roughly mid-December-late January).

We are committed to reducing hive losses due to transmission of varroa mites and their associated viruses across the overlapping apiaries of Washington, DC. If you are not a DCBA member but have a managed honey bee colony within DC, you can also complete this form (though we cannot guarantee an oxalic acid vaporization treatment before all member requests are met).

Oxalic acid vaporization involves the use of portable gear positioned through the hive entrance to evaporate the acid throughout the colony, killing mites outside of brood cells. Oxalic acid is not effective against mites within cells. There are risks in this process: the DC Beekeepers Alliance accepts no liability for injuries to beekeepers or colony losses due to or after vaporization. Safety gear must be worn at all times and will be provided. 

Sessions will be scheduled for Saturdays or Sundays during December and January, and will be grouped by ANC to ensure efficiency. We will notify you of the date for your area, and attempt to schedule based on majority convenience. After we receive your sign up/request, we will contact you to provide (via email) preferences for which weekends work for you. We cannot guarantee a specific day at this time. The beekeeper must be present or provide access permission and detailed access instructions for the fumigation process.

Map of DC ANCs

For route planning, please indicate your street address or block location (i.e."1200 Block of North Capitol NE")
Optional, phone number, please indicate if phone receives text messages (I.e. (202)-555-1212, no texts)