Can You Host A Beekeeper?

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DC's Bee Colonies Need Hosts!

Every year, a dozen or more new beekeepers complete our training and receive certification and mentor support, but they struggle to find an apiary (beehive) location! Sometimes folks who have kept bees for years also need a new place. Do you have space in your yard, on your roof, or elsewhere on your property that might work for bees? The DC Beekeepers Alliance will only refer local beekeepers who have completed our training or who provide proof of equivalent study and experience.

DC Law outlines the basic requirements for such a space (setbacks from property lines, flight barriers, neighbor permission, or a combination) and DOEE can take a look to see if your property works before any commitment. 

The main contact for questions concerning the rules for colonies of bees within DC is:

Natasha Garcia Andersen
Fish and Wildlife Biologist
Fisheries and Wildlife Division
Department of the Energy and the Environment
1200 First Street NE, 5th Floor
Washington, DC 20002

Our beekeepers will own the hives and the bees, and will be responsible for complying with DC laws on registering and managing colonies. You and your potential beekeeper match will work out mutually appropriate agreements about access, hive products, parking, onsite storage, and other practical details. The DC Beekeepers Alliance can provide sample agreements from other local sites.

You up for the adventure? Sign up here:

If you have questions, special requirements and/or limitations, please let us know!
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