Join the Swarm Squad 2024

DC neighborhood map

DC's Healthiest Bees Need You!

If a hive swarms, that means it wintered very well, and now up to 60% of those strong bees need a new hive! 

Each year the DC Beekeepers Alliance asks DC residents to keep an eye out for swarms of bees, and we organize a team of beekeepers to save and hive them. Participating beekeepers are asked to identify areas where they are willing to go to catch swarms, your WhatsApp user name, and to be prepared (as much as possible) with a swarm kit you can bring along.

Beekeepers who respond to the call get to go home with free bees. The DC community gets to help save bees and know they did something positive for beekeepers, too. More info here. 

You up for the adventure?